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Simpex PRO HD LED 5 Soft Led Video Light Softbox Kit with AC Power, Studio Light. You might be a professional filmmaker or just hobbyist who are looking for best-led lights for video production.In this modern photography and filmmaking age where lots of led light equipment are available its very important that you select the best continuous lighting for video production which gives you all the flexibility and professional quality video. Simpex PRO HD LED 5 Soft Led Video Light Softbox Kit with AC Power Soft LED Video light comes with a softbox. It an essential part in your video and photography if you really want a professional look in your work. Color Reading Index :0-90% | Cooling Mode: Natural Ventilation | Color Temperature : 5600K | Beam Angle: 60 | Applicable Scope: Photo / Video. [SIMPEX MARK III LIGHT STAND] Specification Maximum Height: Aprox 8 Feet | Minimum Height: 4 Feet | Maximum Load Capacity: 2.5Kg, 9.9 lbs| Closed Length: 805mm, 32.2 Inches | Footprint Diameter: 925mm,37.8 Inchs | Mounting Stud: 5/8 Inches studio lights for photography, studio lights, video light, simpex led video light, photography lights, light box for product photography, softbox lighting, softbox with light, led video lights for videography, led video light kit




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