Panasonic HC-V785 Camcorder - Camera Vtraders

Stunning Images, Even in Dim Lighting
Reproduce even dark scenes with the beauty of the high-sensitivity BSI sensor. This helps to capture those emotional moments that only come once in a lifetime

High Sensitivity Sensor
The 1/2.3-inch Back Side Illumination Sensor has a effective area and 34% larger pixels compared to a commonly used 1/5.8-inch sensor, suppressing noise when shooting in dimly lit places, such as indoor scenes or nightscapes. It achieves stunningly beautiful images even down to the tiniest details.

20x Optical Zoom with 4-Drive Lens System
By driving each of four lens groups separately, the drive ranges are reduced, resulting in high image quality,
high-powered zooming, and a compact camera body. This keeps the body compact even with a 20x optical zoom.




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