Panasonic Eneloop BK-3MCCE/2BN Rechargeable Battery

Enjoy longer click time and improved camera functioning now with Panasonic Eneloop Battery. You can use these equally well in both cold and hot weather conditions. One can depend upon them for a consistent supply of power and is therefore ideal for use with different radio devices like walkie-talkies. This product has a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. These batteries from Panasonic Eneloop are fully rechargeable. Thus, you can use them for a long time and enjoy solid power backup when taking those shots.  Reuse them as many times as you want and these batteries will give you full value for money.

The Battery offers full compatibility with different Camera/DSLR models. And you can use them with other types of products as well. This includes different types of portable electrical devices, emergency lights, industrial use, radio, torches, hair dryers, electric razors, flashlights, remote controls, and electronic toys. The product is so powerful as to withstand the rigors of carpentry and construction jobs. One can even use them with various power tools for smooth and seamless device functioning.


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