MECO 58mm Clear-Night Filter - Camera Vtraders

Clear-Night Filter has always been a challenge for photographers who like to photograph cities at night. This unpleasant haze makes capturing stars and celestial objects a lot more challenging. The new MECO 58mm Clear-Night Filter helps to reduce the effects of light pollution. The special coating on the filter helps stop the yellow and orange wavelengths of light from entering the lens resulting in clearer photographs of the night sky. For architectural shots or long exposures in the urban environment even delicate structures and contrasts are maintained in the subject and no longer overexposed. By means of extensive filtering of the warmer wavelengths of light, photographs are effectively ‘cooled down’ retaining the same detail and contrasts that you see with your eyes. As a result of this cooling effect, we recommend that photographers always use manual white balance and select a color temperature between 700K and 1500K of the reading that was taken without the filter inserted, to ensure the color authenticity of your pictures.




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