MECO 46mm UV Filter (S-MC-UV-M) - Camera Vtraders

MECO MC-UV filter can effectively filter the UV light and is wear-resistant, which can also protect the lenses. It reduces the Vignette produced by UV light, prevents the UV light from burning the CCD and filters the UV light of which the wavelength is than 400/370nm. It can also prevent the influence from invisible UV light, which enables a clear long shot when shooting landscapes. It can lighten the cool color of shadow when taking photos in the field. MECO HMC-UV Filter. With this, it’s easier to wipe away the dirt on the lenses so as to prevent the lenses from accumulating water and having fog , which can keep the camera view clear and bright. It is not only hydrophobic , but also can it prevent oil from infiltrating, which means it is also oil-resistant. MC water-proof and soil-resistant coating film is a special and effective MC coating film, the hardness of which is higher than the glass itself. Except for low reflection and wear-resistant, the most important properties of this coating film are its unique water-proof and dust-proof property, which can effectively ensure cleanness of the lenses surface and maintain the optical property of the lenses for a long time.




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