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The Insta360 GO 3 Action Camera lets you add a small action camera for use in daily situations anywhere, anytime. The GO 3 outperforms its predecessor by retaining the slow-motion recording feature and recording up to 2.7K 2720 x 1536 video, audio, and pictures. Moreover, the GO 3 has a number of upgrades. Including a 2.2″ flip touch screen, a picture preview on the Action Pod, twin microphones, and a longer battery life. Furthermore, the linked iOS/Android software allows you to control the camera, preview your video, and wirelessly transfer data to your phone. This model’s built-in flash storage has a 128GB capacity. With the GO 3, you can record action POV videos in a number of different ways. Including putting it around your neck, mounting it to a skateboard/collar, letting your pet run with it, and more.


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