Haida 72mm Slim Pro II UV Filter - Features - Camera Vtraders

The transparent, multifunctional Haida 72mm Slim Pro II UV Filter is made to reduce the bluish hue of sunlight and filter out ultraviolet rays.
While using this filter, there is no need to make adjustments to exposure because no additional coloration or contrast is produced aside from the removal of undesirable blue casts. The glass has 10 layers of multi-coating to lessen internal reflections and ghosting.
Additionally, compared to uncoated filters, these coatings provide a filter substrate with more protection and longer-lasting cleanliness.

The optical glass UV filters from Haida Slim Pro II are clear and true to color. A light, strong, and thin filter ring made of aluminum alloy reduces the possibility of vignetting.

Additionally helpful as a general protective filter to have on lenses at all times is this UV filter. These filters offer additional protection in the event of drops or other circumstances. That could result in scratching while also reducing the amount of dust and moisture that can contact your front-lens element.


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