The Haida 67mm Slim Pro II Circular Polarizer Filter

By removing light that has become polarised as a result of reflection from a non-metallic surface, the Haida 67mm Slim Pro II Circular Polarizer Filter aids in the reduction of reflections and glare. The sun’s light naturally becomes partially polarised and scatters into the haze. That we see by bouncing off the electrons in air molecules. This directionally polarised light is organized and filtered by a polarising filter that is perpendicular to the light that is reflected, allowing for the absorption of the majority of it.

This has the effect of increasing saturation of sky and vegetation while noticeably reducing glare and reflections from non-metallic objects.

Only the presence of a quarter wave plane in addition to the linear polarising filter distinguishes a circular polarizer from a linear one. This quarter wave plane converts linearly polarised light to circular polarisation, enabling the usage of the focusing and exposure capabilities. Because of the way that linear polarizer filters and spreads the light, autofocus, and exposure accuracy skew while using it. The circular polarisation of the light enables it to perform these tasks.

This filter’s optical glass construction ensures clarity and color accuracy, and it has an adjustable aluminum-alloy filter ring. That allows you to control how much polarisation is present. The glass has 10 layers of anti-reflection coating to stop internal ghosting and reflections. Additionally, compared to uncoated filters, these coatings provide the filter substrate with higher protection and help it maintain cleanliness longer.


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