Haida 77mm NanoPro Variable ND Filter - Features

A variable neutral density filter, the Haida 77mm NanoPro Variable ND 1.2-2.7 Filter offers an exposure reduction of 4-9 stops. You can take images with a larger aperture or slower shutter speed than is typically required. Because the entire image is darkened by the 1.2 to 2.7 density. You can easily regulate the density level by turning the front filter ring. Which will help you estimate the additional exposure time needed. You can simply portray movement by controlling the depth of field by changing your aperture or slowing down your exposure time.  Additionally, it has a rotating lever that makes it even easier to quickly and precisely place the front ring.

For consistency and clarity, optical glass was used to create this filter. Each glass surface has 10 layers of anti-reflection coatings. It helps keep the filter substrate clean for longer periods of time and protects it from internal ghosting and reflections. The Nano coating on the Haida NanoPro Variable Neutral Density 1.2 to 2.7 Filter creates a layer that enhances the beading effect, enabling more effective cleaning when water or oil is sprayed on its surface.


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