The GODOX tt-600 Flash 2.4G and its Specifications

Adopts a wireless X-system from Godox 2.4G wireless transmission built-in outstanding performance Greater recycle speed, even illumination. And a large LCD panel with automated protection against flash overheating. A better user experience is provided when the X1 TTL Wireless Flash Trigger is used to wirelessly trigger the TT600 flash and regulate the manual output. High-speed sync when combined with a Godox Cell-II trigger or an X1C/X1N TTL wireless trigger. High-speed sync is possible with a maximum speed of 1/8000s. When employing the aperture to fill the flash in portrait mode, is especially practical. Please take note that when mounted on a camera’s hot shoe, the TT600 cannot achieve HSS. Support 20-200m auto/manual zooming and M/S1/S2 modes. Using custom function settings in C.Fn. with automatic protection against flash overheat


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