Godox LED RGB Light Stick LC500R and its specifications

Godox LED RGB Light Stick LC500R is lightweight and versatile. That combines an extended continuous variable color temperature range with a variable RGB color palate in a single, handheld wand. You may modify this 24.25″ light stick to match other fixtures, the setting, or just for interesting color effects. In addition, the light intensity is continuously variable from 0 to 100% to meet your subject’s illumination requirements. And the high CRI 96 / TLCI 98 ratings mean colors and skin tones will render with peak accuracy. Furthermore, the two-way barndoors that are provided allow you to bend and direct the output, which is omnidirectional by default. The compact form factor allows the LC500R to fit in spaces other lights are just too big for, and each end has a 1/4″-20 socket to attach to light stands, clamps, or other grip equipment.


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