The Harison DigiLux 455 DM Light - Specifications

The Harison Digilux 455 DM fluorescent light produces a bright and soft continuous light.
A control knob (placed on the body) on the Digilux 455-DM allows you to adjust the amount of light it produces.
Remote–dimming is also possible by connecting the Dimming panel DP-08 to the ‘analog-dimming’ port on the rear panel.
This light emitted by color-corrected fluorescent tubes enables faithful reproduction – be it of vibrant floral hues, soft skin tones, or the golden sheen of jewelry.
High-frequency ballasts provide flicker-free operation while ensuring low energy consumption and longer lamp life.
Accessories such as diffusers soften the light further while reflective barn doors effectively double the light output.
A high-grade aluminum sheet serves as the material for the light’s body.
Available in black powder-coated finish.


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