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The Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera is a utilitarian camera that offers effective image capturing technology so that you can shoot every moment even when the subject is moving at a high speed. The manual speed adjusting settings offer better control while the continuous shooting speeds of up to 10 fps give better results. The camera comes equipped with a rugged shutter which has been meticulously designed for 200000 cycles, enabling it to capture up to 10 frames in a single second.

Faster photography with 10 frames-per-second continuous shooting speedThis camera is armed with a distinctive image processing technology that facilitates faster photography so that you never miss out on any moment. The imported shutter and mirror mechanism enhances speed while capturing images and boosts the processing speed. The 55 milliseconds shutter release time lag ensures that you achieve quicker results without compromising on quality. With all these features, you get to experience continuous shooting speeds of up to 10 fps. So, capturing wildlife, sports and children activities become easy and convenient. Plus, the manually adjusting speed settings enable you to alter the shutter speed while capturing slow moving subjects. This feature offers compete user control while the mirror bounce reduction mechanism minimizes sound and offers ‘Silent Mode’ while shooting under 5 fps.

Better results with 65-point all cross-type AF systemThe 65-point all cross-type AF system of this Canon camera is equipped with cutting edge technology that offers wide frame capture thanks to the larger AF area. This facilitates effective group photography and allows you to capture perfect landscapes. This feature comes in handy when the subject is moving rapidly as you get to click all the action. Hence, you have accurate results with more detailing. The central AF point is an f/2.8 dual cross-type point that produces better focus even in low light situations. This facility is useful while enjoying night photography.

Dual Pixel CMOS AFThis high quality camera from Canon is armed with the effective Dual Pixel CMOS AF function. With this function, you enjoy high speed autofocus that facilitates convenient subject tracking. This subject tracking is achieved by detecting high-speed phase-difference AF on the CMOS sensor plane. This feature is very effective when you are enjoying high speed action photography. The Movie Servo AF enables noise less image processing so that there is little disturbance and you get to click candid images. You can also shoot with slower focus thanks to the easy adjustment feature of AF.

Top quality sensor for high resolution imagesThis Canon 7D Mark II comes with a comprehensive high quality 20.2 MP sensor which generates photos with intricate detailing and clarity. The camera can take photos up to ISO 16000 value which makes it ideal for shooting in low light. Ideal for stills, the camera can deliver Full HD quality even at 60p rates.

DIGIC Dual 6 Image ProcessorsThese dual DIGIC 6 image processors entail a superior level of image processing helping to take 1090 JPEG, 19 RAW JPEG and 31 RAW shots in one burst. Moreover, fluctuations in peripheral illumination, image distortion and aberration of the lens can be fixed in quick time thanks to these processors.

Effective ViewfinderThe EOS 7D Mark II possesses a smart Viewfinder which not only makes it easy to capture, but modify the device settings as well along with picking shooting modes, without even looking away. It automatically displays approximately 100% of the entire settings panel.

In-built specialty controlsThis Canon Mark II camera brings longer exposures and time lapse shooting (fixed point) minus the need of a remote. Using the interval timer, you can capture 1-99 shots on pre-defined intervals. The camera is ideal for clicking photos in the night as the bulb timer allows the shutter to stay open for a specific time frame.

Built to withstand robust useThis Canon 7D Mark II camera has been built with top quality material which ensures a seamless performance. The seals are dust and water resistant and the chassis has been made from sturdy magnesium which is light in weight.

ISA – Intelligent Subject Analysis SystemThe Canon camera comes with an ISA system which has an RGB light sensor with a pixel resolution of 150000. The sensor enables an iTR AF which monitors subjects and switches the AF point instantaneously to enhance tracking.




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