Atoll D Rotating Camera Collar and its Specification

The Atoll D revolving Camera Collar by Silence Corner is a revolving collar that quickly flips a camera body from portrait to landscape orientation. When both vertical and horizontal photos are needed, this is helpful. The Atoll does not require removal from the tripod head to change orientation, unlike a conventional L-bracket. To fast and effortlessly switch from portrait to landscape position, just release the locking knob and rotate the camera. Screens with articulation allow for unrestricted movement and positioning. The atoll contains tactile marks at 0, 90, and 180 degrees to make sure alignment is maintained. Because the camera’s sensor is located in the atoll’s middle, the atoll’s center remains preserved throughout the rotation.

The Atoll’s mounting foot is Arca-type compatible, making it widely compatible with the majority of tripod heads and clamps on the market. Additionally, it has a socket with a normal 1/4″-20 thread. The second plate under the camera can accommodate numerous capture clip-style accessories in addition to being compatible with Arca-type accessories. The Atoll is tough yet astonishingly light because of its construction of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with a silver finish.


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